Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Baby Baths

I watched my friend Lisa, tonight, give her 4-month old foster baby a bath in the kitchen sink. Now, giving a baby a bath is not usually a very significant event. This bath was quite typical, as baths go. The baby got wet, washed, dried, lotioned up, and dressed. But the reason I mention it is to highlight something I said in my previous entry, about finding something I'm passionate about.

As I watched Lisa bathe the baby, I realized, this is truly FUN for Lisa. I mean, kick-in-the-pants fun. Fun for her the way playing video games is fun for me. I enjoyed giving my kids baths when they were little, but it was something I did because it had to be done. The kids needed baths, so they got baths. Neither exciting, nor dull, just kinda neutral.

But to Lisa, bathing the baby is fun on a par with video games or minature golf. It's like the adult version of playing with dolls. It's fun like I'd be having fun getting out a deck of cards to play poker.

It's funny how different we all are. The things that drive us, and excite us, are so varied. Have you ever noticed how many different flavors of ice cream are in the freezer section? How many different brands and flavors of beer there are? Or coffee? It's fascinating how I can just love the exact same food item that makes the next person ill.

I guess it's variation that makes life interesting. "The spice of life", as they say. Boredom is a killer, in my book. It kills the soul, and tends to make sleep-walkers of us all. Here's to spice and variation and vive la difference!

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