Monday, August 16, 2004


I sometimes wonder, what is the attraction of blogging? Why do I bother with it? Why does anyone? I could just as easily write in a paper journal, or keep a private journal on my computer with password protections to ensure privacy. Obviously, it's fun to know that someone else is occasionally looking over my shoulder and reading what I've written.

But I think often about THIS space. What should I put in THIS space today? Should I write anything? How honest can I be? How much editing of my life should I do?

I see blogs that are fun, noting events around town and musings on the day's occurrences, with a sprinkle of innocuous personal trivia tossed in. I see blogs that are complete, unfiltered accountings of a person's life. And I see blogs that are vitriolic forums to complain about life, insult people, and generally cause trouble. The entire spectrum is out there, from lovely poetry about being kind to little bunnies, to politics, religion, sports, family, school...... all the way to straight up porn stories written daily to keep the reading public enthralled.

I've seen blogs used as a cry for help; a cry for someone to care and write back and help with some issue. I've seen information IN blogs used against the author in ways I deeply disagree with. In my own workplace, the blogs of some of my co-workers (mostly quite harmless accountings of their own lives and thoughts) are often read by other co-workers in hopes of digging up dirt, or finding some titillating tid-bit of information to use as gossip fodder. It's quite sad, really. I simple word, taken out of context, can send gossip-mongers into a tizzy.

I just wonder sometimes why I do this at all. I do enjoy writing, in almost any form. I enjoy "putting pen to paper", as they used to say. But "writing" has to be meaningful. It has to come from the heart (or a place of passion, at least be fun), or it's meaningless.

Bloggers need to be careful in their writings, to respect the privacy of those that still expect some privacy. We all interact daily with individuals that have colorful, interesting private lives, and we all give away little clues to our inner selves, every day. I know that I need to be careful when talking about my family. My kids are a constant source of activity in my life, and their accomplishments and trials are obviously very important to me. I could write about every silly thing, but in my opinion, that would be a bit invasive. They have an expectation of some privacy regarding things that go on in our home.

So, I will continue doing what I do. I guess I do this mainly as a journal, so that eventually I can look back and recount memories. I need to find what I'm passionate about. What fires me up. What makes me get up and shout. I joke at work about beer a lot, and Jack Daniels being a moving factor (as in, "a fridge with no beer makes me get up and shout!"), because they're easy jokes and an easy laugh. But, in all honesty, alcohol is nearly meaningless in my life. I enjoy a glass of wine now and then. That's about it. It's certainly not what I'm passionate about, although I know some folks that could FILL their blog with their drunken carousings. And that would be fine, because that would be their life.

Hmmm... I'm wandering now. Anyway, I'm gonna strive for appropriate honesty and transparency. We'll see what happens.

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